Our Team

Picture of Phil Harper

Phil Harper

Managing Director

Phil joined Midway in 2015 as an experienced senior manager with over 25 years relevant industry experience. Phil is responsible for the general management and strategy of the company. Phil is focused on driving the Midway group to the next level in terms of quality, on time delivery and customer satisfaction.

Picture of Charlie Hollinshead

Charlie Hollinshead

Operations Director

Charlie co-founded Midway in 1989 and was instrumental in guiding the company to its position as one of the premium electronics manufacturers within the scientific instrumentation sector. Charlie is operationally focused and works with key clients and their accounts.

Jonathan Palk

Technical Director

Jonathan has over 30 years experience in design roles in high-tech industries, ranging from satellite communications equipment through to ultra-high-vacuum scientific analysis hardware. Jonathan is excited to bring his wealth of experience to his role as Technical Director of the Midway Group.

Rob Colclough

Sales & Marketing Director

Rob joined Midway in July 2019 as an experienced senior sales and marketing manager with over 25 years relevant industry experience. Rob is responsible for the sales and marketing of the group and he’s extremely excited about the positioning of the Midway group and the prospect of growing the company even further.

Picture of Dave Roberts

Dave Roberts

General Manager

Dave has over 40 years relevant industry experience and joined Midway in 1993. Dave is responsible for production, purchasing, quality and customer account management.

John Hickson

Quality Manager

John has 25 plus years experience within the scientific instrumentation sector and is operationally focused to drive continual improvement throughout the Midway group via the Quality Management System.

Christina Ellis

Operations Manager

Tina is operationally focused and tasked with continual improvement of the team, the operation and service levels customers receive.