Cables and Harnesses

Experienced in a multitude of connectors, cable assemblies, harnesses and looms.
Midway Services Include
  • Build, inspection and test to precise customer specifications.
  • Label and Ident printing (including unique serial numbers for traceability)
  • ATE test facility: Flash test, continuity and short circuits.
  • Electrical safety test equipment.
  • In-house custom test jigs can be built to check specific functionality.
Other Related Services
  • Advice with cable design and specification
  • Suggestions with cable routing
  • Support with various cables and connectors
  • On or off-site installation and repairs
  • Cabinet and instrumentation rack wiring
  • Refurbishment and upgrade service
  • CAD drawing service using AutoCAD or Inventor (.dwg files or PDF)
Examples of connectors and cable assemblies
  • Ribbon cable assemblies
  • D Type cable assemblies
  • Co-Axial cable assemblies
  • Audio & Video cable assemblies
  • Ethernet cable assemblies
  • IP Rated cable assemblies
  • Mains cables
  • Fischer (circular cable assemblies)
  • Multipole crimp assemblies
  • Wire preparation
  • RF Cables
  • Fibre Optic cable assemblies
Examples Cable Assemblies: